Intimacy and Invisible Illness/Disability


Well it is August 26th and I’m going to call this idea a “flop” <BIG GRIN>. Either talking about intimacy is not easy, or folks were just loathe to email their story to me since I could only promise I’d delete that email and not track “who said what”. But with only two submissions (only one in detail about the problems), I think Hearing Elmo may have to approach this from a different angle.

1. If you would like to write as a GUEST AUTHOR about this subject, please email me!

2. Never fear! I’m not giving up as I think the topic needs to be addressed in many forums – including this one. I just need to re-think how we are going to proceed. Those who DID contact me, feel free to email me to give permission to use your part in any follow-up post (still anonymously). Yes, I know there were only two (wink), but they sent them at the beginning of the month and I really can only “guess” and I really did DELETE them after saving the submission to another document. I don’t want to guess wrong! 😉 If you would rather not have your piece published in “snippets” and as part of a larger post at a later date, no need to email me.

Thanks readers!

Denise Portis

4 thoughts on “Intimacy and Invisible Illness/Disability

  1. Denise – This is an important topic that is very real and all too familiar for those of us with hearing loss who are involved in romantic relationships. I am curious how many personal stories/guest blog requests you will receive. Thank you for addressing it!

  2. I too think this is a very important subject. I’m glad you posted about it again for those who may have missed the first shout out for submissions.
    Keep up the good work bringing issues that are hard to talk about to the forefront.

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