Oh the view!

Over Memorial Day weekend, my family went to Harper’s Ferry… one of our favorite hang-outs. We always hike to Jefferson Rock, and in years past I have had to practically crawl up the numerous stairs on all fours. I’ve had balance problems all of my adult life, so I learned long ago not to be put off about doing something if it meant I had to crawl. No worries… I’ve not lost my marbles, as I do know there are some things I should never attempt. (Like roller coasters… I’m out cold the first dip down!)
Having Chloe with me this trip was fantastic! I could actually stand upright all the way up and down the stairs! With the hand rail on one side, and Chloe to counter-balance on the other, I could actually stop occasionally and enjoy the view! Wow!
Many people do not realize that adult onset hearing loss is often times accompanied by balance issues. Sometimes the problem actually develops into something more serious, like Meniere’s disease. It took me a long time to get to sleep when we got home from our trip. I kept thinking about how different this Harper’s Ferry trip was for me! Having Chloe with me, I could quickly determine where sounds were coming from, and hike up those stairs! Chloe just enjoys being with me and has fun no matter where she is. I don’t think she realizes how much freedom she gives to me.
Denise Portis
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