Pregnant Magnet

The strangest place my magnet ever “flew” was in the grocery store.

My family are extremely picky about pickles. “Back in a day” pickles came two ways. Sweet and Dill. Now they come “sour”, “garlic”, “kosher”, “zesty”, “stacks”, “spears”, “OVALS”, etc. Go figure!

One day while searching for the “Portis Pickle” (the only one my family will eat mind you), I leaned a little too far into the shelves when “whoosh”! At least I think that’s the sound it had to have made with the speed that my coil flew off my head! Once “disconnected”, I don’t actually hear a THING!

I began desperately searching the different jars of pickles, looking for the one that was newly decorated with a Freedom CI and coil! I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, and looked up into the sweet elderly face of a silver haired lady.

We were eye to eye for a brief moment or two, and she – putting two and two together seeing the desperate pickle shopper – sagely nodded her head and said,”Pregnant, honey?”

Her comment so shocked me I broke out into a very unladylike fit of giggles!

“No ma-am!” I answered. “I’m looking for my ear!”

Her face lost all of it’s color, and she rushed away with her cart!

I was still so tickled, I practically had to sit down! I found my coil adhered to the lid of “Heinz Zesty Spears”.

Now everytime I shop for pickles, I start giggling before I ever get there! ‘Course I have my left hand protecting my coil’s connection as well!

Denise Portis
Hearing Loss Association of America
Frederick County Chapter
(formerly Frederick County SHHH)
Frederick, MD
Left Freedom implant: 4/6/05
Activation date: 5/13/05
©2006 Hearing Loss Diary