Surgery! April 6, 2005

My surgery:

Woo – hoo! Hey gang! I’m so glad to have this surgery behind me! I think WAITING was harder than the surgery! I was in by 10:00 and out at noon! Then since I was doing so well, they released me from the hospital by 3:30.

Dr. Niparko did the surgery, and he said he was in for a surprise. My MRI showed the nerve intact and everything “fine” to receive a CI on my left side, but when he got in there all the bones were “displaced”. (I was hit by a car at 6 years old and suffered a brain injury; but surgery “fixed”my hearing for a few years- no known cause for why my right ear went downhill in my 30’s)

Anyway, Dr. Niparko said he had to “navigate all around just to find everything”! He assured me it wouldn’t affect the CI at all though. He said everything that needed to be there was. Remember my dream? I told Dr. Niparko about it. I told him that I dreamed he’d put my implant in my BREAST instead of my head. Then hubby came into recovery and said to my chest, “Can you hear me NOW?”

Dr. Niparko tho’t that was pretty funny. He was there when I woke up and said, “Denise, your implant is in the RIGHT place. But perhaps you should take up those other issues with your psychologist husband!” Smile!

I’ve had a little pain today, but not anything the DRUGS haven’t alleviated. I have had some dizziness and nausea too. I had to take a Phenegrin earlier so I wouldn’t HEAVE. (Why do they call it PheneGRIN? I sure wasn’t grinnin’!) As long as I get up slowly and sit slowly I’m ok though. Sure have been sleeping alot! The family have been GREAT, and fussin’ over who gets to do what “mommy chore”. (Since when do chores have MY NAME on them?)

Just wanted to give an update to y’all!
Denise P.
Frederick, MD
Implanted with NEW FREEDOM 4/6/05

Hey! Another quick update. Am having to type in between whirls around the room. No, no, Terry’s not dancing with me – but the room is spinning. Dizziness is worse today but the pain? What pain? Piece of Cake! We took the bandage off today – a mere 48 hours later and washed my hair. Terry washed, and I screamed. Just kidding! It was a piece of cake. Terry was afraid it was going to look “vewy vewy bad” in a VEWY poor imitation of Elmer Fudd. When the man makes funny voices, I know he’s nervous. But the incision looks great! Piece of cake! Wondered why I am so much more dizzy today as my hair is still auburn/brown. (You blonds don’t smack me, it’ll hurt)

Finally found the written “what to expect” instructions from the doc.

“Day 3-4: More dizziness may occur as the middle ear swelling is at it’s peak. If no longer taking prescription pain meds, ibupropren will help the swellingas well as the pain.”

Hey! that’s almost word for word what one of y’all emailed me and said! Piece of cake! Two days only! I can handle that! But ya know? After all this CAKE I can’t button my pants! At least I have pants. Don’t ever, ever let a nervous hubby dress you in recovery in your street clothes. You may come home missing “something”. Sigh.

Well, let me hit “send” on my way around the room again.
Denise P.
Frederick, MD
CI implant: 4/6/05
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