Blueprint of My Life

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Adapted from an illustration my grandmother, Vina Jewell Burhenn, told me as a child…

As I am one of those disgustingly organized people that drive everyone else crazy, it made sense that when I was “born again” I tried to organize my walk with the Lord as well. I tried so hard to do everything that I thought was pleasing to God in my own strength. Needless to say, I was a very weary, bedraggled Christian.

I even made a blueprint of my Christian life. On it I had every minute detail of my life etched out. My goals, dreams, works, and lessons learned.

Eventually I died, and as promised, I went to live with the Lord. After “checking in” , I went immediately to the Lord. I couldn’t wait to talk to Him!

“Lord, I’m so excited to be here! Look what I brought with me!” In my hand I clutched protectively to my breast the blueprint of my Christian life. “Let’s compare notes! May I look at your copy so that I can see if our blueprints are similar?” With a knowing smile of tenderness, the Lord pulled out of the vaults of Heaven a copy of the blueprint of Denise Portis.

It was matted and framed and carefully preserved. Eagerly, I studied it carefully. It was in “mint” condition. In the lower corner, it had printed in tiny handwriting……

Date of destination: 4/27/–
Date of new birth: 1/20/ 79
Date of admittance: 3/16/20–

Uneasily, I spread out my own copy. It was wrinkled and worn. There were several spots where holes were worn from erasing numerous times. There were post-it notes attached, arrows pointing to revisions, scribbles and corrections all over the blueprint.

“Lord, why is your copy so well preserved and mine so worn? After all, I cared for mine the best I knew how…it has always meant so much to me!”

“Denise, don’t you realize that from the beginning of time I not only knew you, but had a Master’s plan for your life? I knew everything there was to know about you, and how you would live your life! Yours is in such poor condition, because there were very few times you sought My counsel. You rarely looked to see where I was working in and through you. Naturally, you were constantly having to change your well thought out plans. My plan is perfect. My plan is “fool-proof”. My plan is “Denise-proof”. If you had concentrated more on getting to know me, and building your relationship with me, you would have easily recognized what my plan was for you. My will has never been a mysterious unknown. It is, however, hidden from those who look after themselves instead of seeking Me.”

Denise Portis
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