I often put my thoughts to “paper” and write about life with an acquired disability. I rarely, however, write and ask for donations. For me to do so only means that the organization in which I hope you will choose to help is one near and dear to my heart.

Acquired disabilities took me by surprise. I didn’t stand in line somewhere and apply for them. I never filled out a registration card. The most surprising thing, however, was that I slowly and deliberately isolated myself from life. It was a sneaky process.

I saw a DEMO from Fidos For Freedom, Inc., in 2005 at my teenager’s 4-H club. It was there I first saw an assistance dog in action – one that was not a seeing eye dog. I looked into the organization and soon started the process to enter training. I became a part of an incredible organization. After a little over a year, I graduated with my own canine partner. I then enrolled in school to finish my graduate degree. I applied for a job and was hired to teach in a local community college. I once again felt purposeful.

You see… Chloe does more for me than alert me to the sounds I do not hear. She does more than retrieve items I drop and cannot reach without toppling over. Bracing so I can safely stand or counter-balancing on the stairs is only part of what she does. Chloe gave me confidence and courage to embrace the idea that I could once again be purposeful.

Sunday, September 30th, Chloe and I will be participating and walking in Fidos For Freedom’s 2012 Stroll ‘n Roll event. I know that times are tough for many individuals and families. However, even small donations add up to a big difference in the life of this wonderful organization. Your donation goes towards the programs and training of these wonderful service dog teams. Fidos also has over 200 annual visits by trained and tested therapy dog teams that go into hospitals like Bethesda Naval Hospital, nursing homes, respite care, schools to assist struggling readers, and much more! Fidos For Freedom is a 501(c) (3) organization so all donations are tax deductible.

Will you consider helping in this worthy fund-raising event? Your donation goes to help another person with disability – be purposeful. It is hard to put a value amount on the confidence, peace of mind, and purpose these wonderful trained service dogs give to their human partner. Your donation makes you a part of that happening in the life of another. I hope you will consider giving! I thank you in advance for your consideration in helping me reach my goal and in helping this wonderful organization. Chloe sends tail wags and doggie kisses.

Information about the event: Click here

How to donate online through PayPal: Click on link above, scroll down to “How to Get Involved” and click “Donate”.

Want to make a donation by check? Email me at denise.portis@gmail.com and I will mail you a stamped, self-addressed envelope to do that easily! Please make checks payable to Fidos For Freedom, Inc.

Denise Portis

© 2012 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

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