Simple Woman

simple-woman-daybook-large … Entering the Daily with Peace and Notice

For Today… March 2nd

~Outside my window~

Snow! Wonderful, fluffy INCHES of the stuff! Thank you, Lord! I’ve been praying for “one big snow” before Spring. We had some “dustings” and an “inch” here and there this Winter. Finally, today we had over four inches! Enough to get my snow shovel out! I was ecstatic! (I know… I’m weird)

Schools were closed today, but not for “us”. We are behind so worked all morning.

~I am thinking~

My daughter is mad at me. She woke up in a really bad mood and honestly we’ve been butting heads all day. It really bothers me when we don’t get along. I know it’s “normal” to have days like that, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it, does it?

~From the learning rooms~

My son and I did Geometry all morning. It’s like a foreign language to him and I adore Geometry! We are “getting through”, however! We are going to really be behind in our Math requirement this year, but he HAS to have this class or he’ll be “lost” for the SAT! I wonder which of us will die first?

~I am thankful for~

I am really thankful for my husband’s job. I just got the news this morning that another mom/teacher I know is praying for a 2nd job interview for her husband tomorrow. I had no idea he had even lost his job, and he’s been there “forever”! I’m so thankful God “moved our dreams” around and took Terry out of non-profit before this collapse in the economy. Education is pretty “safe” right now. It certainly causes me to pray even more for those I know who are searching and struggling through!

~From the kitchen~

It will just be my husband and I for dinner so I’m going to make an easy “favorite” of his. Kielbasa and kraut. (He’s not even Jewish or German!) It smells so badly, the kids do not really care for it. I’m going to take advantage of their absence while at work and fix this for Terry. (Besides… it’s been in the fridge and needs prepared and eaten before it goes bad!)

~I am wearing~

I’m wearing a tan sweatsuit, tennis shoes and a ponytail. I guess I’m not WEARING a pony’s tail (wouldn’t that be hard to explain?), but my hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Right now? I look all of twelve-years-old.

~I am reading~

I am reading my syllabus for my first graduate level class that begins tomorrow. I’m SCARED SPITLESS.

~I am hoping~

I am hoping to lose some more weight. I need to lose twenty pounds, but I want to do it in a way it stays “lost”. I won’t be putting up any posters that say, “Missing weight… please call ###-####)

~I am creating~

I am creating an organized space in my office in order to school in an ORGANIZED WAY.

~I am hearing~

I just heard the front door slam as my daughter left for work. She’s still in a rotten mood. I’m hatin’ it. I’m the first one to apologize when I’m being a “pill”, but wonder why I’m expected to put up with the moodiness of others? Hello? We are a TEAM here at home, right? I’m seeing RED, in case you didn’t catch that…

~Around the house~

Things are starting to be more “clean and tidy” for longer periods of time. Now that I’m cleaning ONE ROOM each day, things seems to stay a little cleaner than my trying to clean the whole house once a week. Who has time for that? Taking on ONE ROOM at a time is working for me so far. It’s great that my husband takes care of his office, and the kids do their own rooms and bathroom. There are some perks of having older kids at home.

~One of my favorite things~

One of my favorite things that I am enjoying today is doing laundry. I love to wash, dry and fold clothes. (Yeah, we’ve already established I’m weird). Today is the “kid’s laundry” day. My daughter came home from school last Thursday and sheepishly admitted that a classmate was touched by the fact her mom did her laundry one day for her. My daughter didn’t want to tell her that her “mom” does her laundry every week! Yes, my kids are 18 and 19 and could do their own laundry. But I love doing laundry! Even amongst a very busy Monday, I take the time to do the laundry and SMILE while doing it.

Sigh. Yes, yes I know! I’m weird!

~A few plans for the rest of the week~

I’m starting school this week so we’ll see how my new schedule works. I need to finish lesson plans for Chieftain Institute, and find the time to go to Costco and Wal-mart. Now that is something I do NOT like to do… grocery shop. Sigh. But if not I, who? (grin) One day I’ll look back on this and be thankful I had to get “this and that” for my teens and hubby.

~Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you~

They don’t realize that laundry IS a PERK for me!


Denise Portis

3 thoughts on “Simple Woman

  1. Nice post!!! I have been doing my own laundry since I was 12 years old haha!!! For some reason even till this day since I still live at home with parents I hate when my mom saids I want to do your laundry Im like NO WAY!!! I dont like when people touch my clothes. ( NOW IM WEIRD) LOL. Although at times I hate doing it but It needs to be done!


    PS- here in NY I had 8 inches of snow and now its starting again IT NEVER ENDS!!! When you have to shuvel… Stay Warm… & Best of Luck Tommorow

  2. Hurray for your snow!

    Love reading your posts, Denise :0)

    And I hope your daughter comes home in a better mood – she sounds like a lovely person, from your other posts.


  3. Hey Julie!

    She is a “lovely person” grin! But she has her “days” just like the rest of us do. They just blind-side me as I rarely see them. Plus, I hate it when we are at “odds” with one another!
    She did come home in a better mode. Tomorrow is another day! (PTL!)

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