7 thoughts on “CI Act One

  1. Denise, thanks for posting these captioned videos! Oh my gosh, I really enjoyed them. I am still wiping away tears from when you said “You sound grown-up!” to your son. When I first lost a lot of hearing in 1993, my son was 2-1/2. My biggest fear was not hearing his voice change as he grew up, so I totally, totally understand why that made you cry!

    How awesome and exciting. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Denise, I’ve seen your activation video before and I loved watching it again! Wow. It’s amazing, isn’t it? My boys’ voices changed, too.


  3. Denise I really enjoyed your video, you have given me a different view on cochlear implants, I never thought about Deaf people not knowing their childrens voices change as they grow or one forgetting how their mate sounds. Your tape is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is the third activation video I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing this. This gives me an idea how similar, yet different they can be.

    I only have girls, so no voice changing to note there.

  5. Your welcome Shari! I watch whatever activations I come across as well.

    My daughter’s voice hadn’t changed other than her North Carolina accent was almost gone. She tho’t that was really funny!


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