♫♪ Do You Think I’m Sexy, Do You Want My Body? ♪♫


Did I get your attention?

If you’ve followed Hearing Elmo for any time at all, you know we don’t shy away from tough subjects.

I want to hear from you

Sexuality and intimate relationships can be and are impacted by invisible (or visible) disability, chronic illness, or invisible illness. My heart’s desire is that through a post earmarked for the first week of September 2013, WE can explain what it is like to struggle successfully or unsuccessfully in our intimate relationships. I believe this information will even help OUR community as we learn that we are not alone.

How This Will Work

1. Email me your feelings or experiences about intimate relationships and love by August 30, 2013. Do not make this explicit. This should be for all audiences. Email to: denise.portis@gmail.com 

Please put in the subject line of your email: Do You Think I’m Sexy?


2. Try to keep it at 300 words or less; although, I won’t cut you off if you are a sentence or two over.

3. You must be connected to the community. (Disability, Invisible or Visible Illness, Chronic Illness).

This may include:

A) 1st person experience

B) LOVING someone who lives this. You are the partner, significant other, or spouse of someone with disability, invisible or visible illness, or chronic illness.

C) You are the parent or caregiver of someone with special needs and as a result your intimate relationship is impacted.

4. No names. This is anonymous. Please do not use clearly identifying descriptors either. My promise to you in order to keep this anonymous is that when you send me your submission, it will be saved along with other comments in a WORD document. I will then permanently delete your email. Even I will not have a record of “who said what”.

5. Another promise – I will not change your wording, grammar, or spelling. I will not morph your words into something *I* think works better.

Denise Portis

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