The Right to Die (Part 1)

I want to handle a sensitive topic and do so with some open and honest dialogue. Before I do that, I highly recommend watching the following video (captioned). Yes… yes, I know! It is nearly 30 minutes long but that is why I am splitting this topic into two posts. The first, a video that I believe does a terrific job of pointing out all of the arguments. Next week I will write about this and provide my 2 ¢ as well as provided peer-reviewed research on this important issue.

For now, please watch and take notes. Please feel free to comment as I never fail to learn from you as well.


L. Denise Portis, Ph.D.

©2020 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

2 thoughts on “The Right to Die (Part 1)

  1. That was a stirring video to watch, very emotional. I fall on both sides of this issue, I have watched people die horribly with ALS, pancreatic cancer, Parkinsons and I feel that people should be able to die with dignity. We offer compassionate deaths to animals but not people. The other side of the coin for me is euthanasia as a tool to rid the population of “undesirable” people. It is often overlooked that Hitler and the Nazi regime began experimenting with euthanasia on a large scale within the elderly and disabled population, to test the society threshold for mass “ridding” of people. So the short answer is I believe people who are competent and fully aware of their decision should be able to die peacefully but there need to be safeguards tin place so that it does not become a go to solution.

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