Have you tried? Do You Think _______ Caused It?

Picnic with Ants

I don’t often cross-post, but when I do I hope you know that IMO, it is a post everyone should read. This is one of those posts. Wendy (friend and fellow blogger at Picnic with Ants) writes about a topic all people with chronic illness and/or disability deal with and have to learn to respond to when it happens.

Because it will. One of the best written posts around about this topic:

Hello.  My name is Wendy.  I just turned 53 years old and I have chronic illnesses, including Meniere’s Disease.  Unless something amazing happens, they are not going to go away.  Sometimes I feel I need to make this statement before anyone speaks to me.

Recently I was asked a few things about my health.  This was not by people who see me often, or have much knowledge about my illnesses.  This is how I handled a few of the questions, some of it was good, some not so good.

Have you tried yoga?  It can really help your balance.  I used to do yoga regularly…

Read more: Click here

Denise Portis


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