Time Lapse

One of my first photos, 1966 with my mother and older brother, Lee.
One of my first photos, 1966 with my mother and older brother, Lee.
My life today...
My life today…

Oh to be able to see a time lapse of your life! Recently, someone I knew from “my old hometown”, posted a video of a rose blooming in a time-lapse segment. Just a little over a minute long, I sat spell-bound as I watched. Here… lemme share a little spell-binding:

So consider yourself bound by a spell!


Moving on…

When I think back over my life, I know that at no point did I foresee who I would be in 2014. I had no plans for a traumatic brain injury at the age of 6. I didn’t put down “late-deafened adult at 25” as a life goal. I never had a hint that I would deal with Meniere’s disease on a daily basis.

There are few things I desire in life. I feel blessed in what I have. However, if I had to explain a “main theme” on my “Bucket List”, I would have to say my heart’s desire is a slow build to real beauty. Just like the rose bush above in that my imagination could not capture what was to come AFTER TIME.

What I think is beautiful today is not at all what I thought was beautiful at 6 years old, 16 years old, or 46 years old. Outer beauty is fleeting and temporary. Outer beauty needs a number of “props” just to pass as beautiful. Things like make-up, proper lighting, staging, and other “props” that are not really a part of the person. Now that I’m 48, beauty is truly an inner kind of spark.

A friend of mine, Deborah, celebrates a birthday today. She is one of those “slow build to beauty” kind of people. The longer I know her, the more her beauty is revealed to me. She has a heart for people and a passion for making a difference.

Just Because You have Broken Parts, Doesn’t Mean You are BROKEN

Years ago when I decided to embrace who I was, life became easier. I stopped trying to hide how I dealt with challenges and decided that being REAL was much more nurturing for my inner Denise.

My ears don’t work without the aid of bionics. My balance causes me to fall – a lot. My most “frequent” view is staring at the sky while I “get a grip”. (Hey! At least this means I get outside a great deal!). I may have broken parts as a person with disabilities, but I am not broken.

Neither are you. Do you live with disability, chronic illness, or life-changing diagnosis? You may have broken parts but you are not broken. Some of the most courageous people I know are folks who live with challenges. If we could look at a time lapse of your life, what would it show?

Sure. We would get some indication of dealing with tough times. We would see wounds. We would also see numerous victories. I’m fairly certain we would see a slow build to beauty, however. It helps to take a step back and look at the big picture from time to time. After all, living with challenges can cause a person to get bogged down in “today” and just surviving. May each of us remember to review our time-lapse life and celebrate the beauty.

Denise Portis

© 2014 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

4 thoughts on “Time Lapse

  1. thanks….have been having a rough Meniere’s time lately…I focus so much on living in the moment, that is how I get by. I hadn’t thought about stepping back and reviewing all that I have been through and how I have come through it all. My broken parts have actually come together to make a pretty cool person. I am not broken, I may remind myself of a steam punk kind of gal, but I’m certainly not broken. ha

    I’ve certainly had numerous victories. And yes…a slow build to beauty. I love me so much more than I ever have.
    Today is hard. At times it feels I am just surviving, but inside I am thriving.

    thanks … I needed this today.

  2. I am also having a rough time with Meniere’s Disease too, recently diagnosed but a long time companion *rolls eyes*.

    I really enjoyed your post … I’m not broken either.

    And, as the old saying goes, ‘beauty is not just skin deep’. Oh, and thank goodness for that … I am beautiful!

    Wishing you a lovely day and thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. @rachelmeeks You are right, Denise is one of the best health activist heroes I have ever seen. Her story is a real inspiration for many people and recently I got a chance to visit a hearing aid clinic in Toronto. There, I met some people who have severe hearing loss but they are very much confident about themselves. It is good to see their self confidence and how they are coming back to their normal life. Fighting back the life with the disabilities make them real heroes! I can never forget the visit to that clinic. It made my day!

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