Reliable Transportation for Cara and her Tanks


I have met so many special people in my life. One of those special people is someone who has become one of my closest friends. Cara is a fellow client at Fidos For Freedom, Inc., where I trained and received my own assistance dog, Chloe. I rarely promote fundraisers on here so I hope you understand that when I do choose to share a story it is because it is for a very unique and special reason.

Cara first joined the Fidos For Freedom, Inc., family to train and be matched with a service dog to mitigate a chronic illness – Multiple Sclerosis. Since that match with her beloved, Tank, she has also been diagnosed with additional life-threatening illnesses. Cara doesn’t let “life” get in her way. She continues to volunteer for Special Olympics as her son enjoyed the activities. Justin (her son) passed away a couple of years ago, but she continues to stay active giving of her time and energy to this wonderful organization. Cara also often provides leadership in various roles at Fidos For Freedom, Inc., and encourages new clients as well as “veterans” like myself.

Cara’s current transportation is “beyond any mechanic’s ability to fix” and she is fast coming to the point where she will no longer be able to attend Special Olympics activities, or Fidos For Freedom activities and trainings. Cara is trying to raise money for the conversion of a used van to make it accessible for her use. Please read her story below and click on the links provided to read an in-depth biography of this incredible lady – as well as information about why she is raising money.

Imagine not being able to go out and hop in a car, call a taxi, etc., because you do not have transportation that can carry you, your wheelchair, service dog, and oxygen tanks. You become house bound and lose the ability to be involved with others and with life. Help us not let this happen to my friend, Cara.

This is not a scam. Would you consider donating even a small amount? More importantly, will you share this post with others and encourage them to donate small amounts as well? In a short time, people networking with other people, folks who CARE about others and reach out to help, will help Cara meet her goal to have reliable transportation so that she may continue the quality of life she enjoys. I hope you will consider helping – and sharing!


Today I’m launching a fundraiser at I usually don’t like asking for help, but find myself in the humbling position of needing to do that.

Due to my failing health, I am using my wheelchair a lot more often lately. The lift in my van is labor intensive and is becoming more difficult for me to use. In addition, my van is old and I’m concerned about it’s safety on the road. I drive myself to the hospital and to several specialists, almost once a week.

I am asking for your help in raising the funds I need to modify a used van with an automatic ramp, lower the floor, put in a kneeling system, etc. This will allow me to transfer to my chair safely from inside the van. I’ll be out of the elements, away from strangers, and out of the way of traffic.

Please visit my fundraising page at where I share my story and to find out how you can help. If you would also share this with your friends and family, it would help me greatly!

Thanks in advance for taking a look and helping if you can! Cara, service dog Tank, and O2 Tank, Jr  🙂

Denise Portis

© 2013 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

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