November Ramblings



Geesh. I rarely miss a Monday’s post, but now two have actually gone by me! I’m working on a post that is an important topic for me, but it is not quite ready. Because I’m having “Hearing Elmo” withdrawals, I thought I’d post some tidbits that have been on my mind.

1. I was unprepared for the power outages affecting my “Dry n Store” in which I house my cochlear implant, as well as nightlights scattered throughout the house for my safety.

2. No matter how many power outages I’ve lived through, I still turn on the light switch when entering a dark room.

3. Dogs do not care about power outages. It hasn’t yet affected their two meals a day and daily walks.

4. Cats care about power outages, but cats seem to care about everything.

5. Young adult children can whine like very YOUNG CHILDREN when their computers will not work because the Internet is down.

6. It never gets old to step out of car (that I was driving) and someone walking by asks, “Is that a guide dog?” I still crack up every, single time!

7. Much to my son’s consternation, I thought it incredibly cute how proud of his “I voted” sticker he sported! This was his first presidential election!

8. My daughter had two wisdom teeth pulled this week. She was very brave. She was very drugged. She is very intelligent, asking her boyfriend to not allow her to post on FaceBook while she was “high”. 🙂

9. My poor husband doesn’t sleep well when his C-PAP machine fails to work due to a lack of electricity.

10. I don’t sleep well when my husband’s C-PAP machine doesn’t work. I may be deaf at night, but the flailing around knocks me right out of bed!

11. I will be glad when this election is over and the political rants stop. Or will they?

12. Missing three days of school isn’t worth it when administration tacks it on to the end of the semester.

13. I think it is silly that our dogs seem to shed right as the weather turns cold. Don’t they need more fur?

14. Garbage disposals do not work without electricity. Fishing out food by hand is not a pleasant task.

15. My favorite weather is clear, cold days. We’ve had a few of those this week!

16. I love volunteering for things that I know I can do despite hearing loss and Meniere’s disease. It gives me a sense of purpose.

17. One of my favorite things is to have coffee in a quiet location with a good friend. Unfortunately, mine live in numerous other states.

18. I may have been gone from North Carolina for ten years now, but I still say “y’all“.

19. I saw a spider the size of a half dollar this week and didn’t squeal like a girl. I stopped breathing – but that’s beside the point!

20. One of my favorite things about November and Thanksgiving is “Aunt Lynda’s Sweet Potato Casserole“. Yes, I know there are more important things to be thankful for, but I’m being honest here!

Denise Portis

© 2012 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

4 thoughts on “November Ramblings

  1. Another great article . Do phones give you much challenge? I keep one old style phone that is powered by the Phone co. Batteries. I found old style rotary phones the best .
    Have blessed Thanksgiving. That sweet potato casserole sounds great.

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