Turn a Deaf Ear

Turn a Deaf Ear by Janet Fiore Horger & Linda Fiore Sanders

One of my favorite things to do to unwind from the pressures of my week is to read a good book. Last week I read, “Turn a Deaf Ear” by Janet Fiore Horger & Linda Fiore Sanders. These two sisters have a a terrific website as well. You can check it out at www.turnadeafear.net  or click HERE.

I’ve read a number of autobiographical  books by authors who were Deaf, late-deafened, or hard-of-hearing. “Turn a Deaf Ear”, is the first time I read about a love story between a young woman with normal hearing and a man who is culturally Deaf. Linda’s brother, Nick, worked with and became friends with John, a culturally Deaf man. One day, Nick brings John home for dinner. This begins the friendship and eventual relationship of Linda and John.

I have never thought about how friends and family members may view a couple in which one is hearing and one is not. “Turn a Deaf Ear” does a terrific job of not only explaining the potential problems, but also how love finds a way through those problems.

I highly recommend this book and think it is a “great read” for even those who do not have hearing loss. You see, the underlying theme within the book is how differences can be overcome with patience, compromise, understanding, and love. We all have differences. I hope you will check out the book! It’s a “keeper” for me!

Where to buy a copy of your own? CLICK HERE

Denise Portis

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