My Clipboard

Vivid Acoustics

Can I just say that I LOVE, LOOOOOOOOOOOve, this product? I got mine for Mother’s Day in 2006 and I have used this thing to death! Because I do not have to attach anything to the boot of my CI (like a lapel mic, etc), AND because I don’t have to wear a neck loop, I have found the ease of this portable device is 2nd to none. I simply press a button and wa-lah! (hey… it’s a word! Look it up!) I have an immediate 5 foot radius induction loop around me. The clipboard allows me to take notes and to jot down reminders as I’m talking to students or “others”. The back of the clipboard has a “can’t miss” symbol that reminds everyone that they do need to speak “towards me”.
I don’t usually brag on one particular product, but this is one that should anything ever happen to it? I’d purchase one again the very next day. It is simply a “must have” for me! 🙂

You can visit Vivid Acoustics at:

Denise Portis

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3 thoughts on “My Clipboard

  1. Denise, I am excited someone likes the clipboard. In what environments do you find it works best? I am thinking of getting one.

  2. Hey Elisabeth!

    I use my clip board primarily in the classroom. When I have group projects going on and the class is a “buzz”, I simply put my CI and HA on t-coil and switch the clipboard on as I go from group to group to discuss things. I also use it if students come up to me after class needing something as it eliminates all but their voice for me.

    I have used it in small group settings (like a women’s Bible study) before as well and do real well if the circle is small and tight. If it is a larger group, it only picks up those closest to me.

    I LOVE my clip board ! 🙂

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