5 Year Mapping at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Today I went to Johns Hopkins for my 5 year mapping. It always feels surreal when I go, for five years is simply not enough time to pass that I have already forgotten what it felt like not to hear. As I go in the parking garage, I can clearly hear the ticket machine ask me to take my ticket with me so that I can pay before exiting. When I approach the hospital, I can hear the revolving door “clicking” as it slowly rotates inward. I clearly hear the “ding” of the elevator as I wait for one to come to the first floor. None of these things were discernible to me 5 years ago. I guess you could say my ears became “reborn” on May 13, 2005.

Below is my audiogram 5 months before my surgery. It shows I had a 90 dB loss in my right ear and a 98 dB loss in my left. My left ear is the one I decided to implant.

Audiogram 11-4-2004

Below is the audiogram from today. My audiologist is one of my favorite people. She’s very easy to talk too, and VERY good at what she does. She created a new program in my “P3” slot that I’m going to work with to see if I can hear my son’s voice any better with in comparison to my normal program. In the sound booth… I actually tested “best” with the lower tones, so it could be that I’m going to have to start fussing at my son to project a little better with that deep voice of his! (Look up when you talk… don’t have your face buried in your laptop).

She doesn’t test my right ear anymore, but you’ll note that my left ear (once a 98 dB loss) is now testing at 15dB loss. Better yet, check out the bottom where it has my words/Phonemes and HINT sentences testing in quiet/noise!

Audiogram 5-7-2010

My audi is never “pushy” but she reminded me that should I ever wish to consult with Dr. Niparko about getting a 2nd CI, that I can just call and make an appointment. Right now with my balance issues, I just do not feel the need to pursue that as I’m “hearing” so well. Maybe… SOME DAY.

Check out my May “bling”. Remind you of anyone?

May "Chloe" bling

Denise Portis

© 2010 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

7 thoughts on “5 Year Mapping at Johns Hopkins Hospital

  1. Sounds like your “tweaking” went well! You really don’t have a 15db loss in your left ear…:) If I understand correctly, 0-20db is considered normal hearing. Hope you can hear your son clearly with his new voice for Mother’s Day!

  2. It’s really neat to see your audiograms. I appreciate them more now after last semester my Deaf Com (Deaf Communications…. but to chieftain people, Sign Language) teacher’s cousin (who is an audiologist) came and explained that stuff and more detail on how CIs work. That was certainly an interesting class.
    How’d you get to 5 years with a CI??? It seems like just last year.
    And, yes I LOVE your new CI bling… kind of reminds me of all the stickers and stuff I stick on my inhalers to reduce the stigma.

  3. Denise,

    How well I remember when you were considering this. I also can clearly see Terry in my living room discussing your pending surgery. Your audiograms show everyone just what the CI can do for you. Congratulations on the great 5th anniversary mapping. I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to travel this journey with you. Your blog entries are excellent and shows just how much you give to everyone.

    Thank You!

  4. Oh, praise God for the gift of hearing!! I love celebrating with you! Isn’t it wonderful, too, to have an audi that’s so skilled and personable.

    Happy 5th anniversary.

  5. Thanks be to God! I do so enjoy celebrating everyone’s successes. It doesn’t seem possible it is 5 years already Denise!

    Happy 5th Anniversary!

  6. I am just currently recovering with my 2nd CI already. In some pain but it should go away in a few more days.

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