It’s a Shame You Don’t Burn Calories

Darn, but his voice is changing YET AGAIN!

Geesh, I’ve had a tough week. I hate to complain because I am aware that my frustrations in no way compare to what some folks are going through right now.

I mean, everyone in my family is relatively healthy; we’re employed; doing well in school; have connections with people we care about… but let’s face it –

We can still have a tough week in spite of how well things may be going generally.

Part of the reason I enjoy connecting with people through their blogs, Facebook, email and SKYPE is because it can serve as a sobering reminder just how well I have it!

Hearing Loss Can “Suck”

I do hate to admit when a “bad week” is because of the fact that I have a hearing loss. After all, I make a great effort each and every day to live my life as a positive role model, proactive advocate, and enthusiastic recipient of a cochlear implant. But ya know? Sometimes I’m going to have a bad week because of problems I encounter as the result of being deaf.

1. My son’s voice is changing – – AGAIN. Like it could get any deeper? I noticed this last week that it has become more difficult for me to understand my son’s voice again simply because it is so much deeper. I have a mapping appointment at Johns Hopkins Listening Center in May. Do I drag the kiddo with me so that my programs can be tweaked to hear him better? Or, because I’m “so darn independent”, simply tell my audiologist that I’m having difficulty with deeper voices and let her “tweak” based on what the computer tells her to do?

Honestly I inwardly “grimace” when I’m trying to have a conversation with him. I have to actually be face-to-face in order to lip read some as that voice of his just DISAPPEARS in some lower octave that I’m unable to hear. You’d think I’d burn calories as I must intently concentrate and fixate on the conversation.

2. My wonderful husband is having allergy problems like many in the mid-Atlantic states are having this year. It seems pollen is at an all-time high, breaking records across the state. (How exactly does one measure pollen I wonder?) I do know that our cars and porch are always covered in a coat of fine particle yellow dust! For some reason, this year it has really “done a number” on my husband’s voice. Some days (especially in the morning) he actually HAS no voice! It can be very frustrating trying to talk to someone whose voice cuts in and out! Normally, I can be in a different room and carry on a conversation with the man! (Thanks to the Nucleus Freedom!) But this week, I can be looking right at him and some of the words just sort of disappear into space. How can something SO HARD – intently concentrating and trying to understand conversation – be so exhausting? Honestly I’ve been going to bed with a mushy brain.

So yeah… most days I embrace the fact that because of invisible disabilities I live life a little differently, but certainly with an attitude of gratitude. This week? Not so much.

That’s OK, too ya know! We are not always going to be accepting or appreciative of having to do things a little differently. A short list of hearing loss belly-aches?

1. Having to PUT your “ears” on each and every day before being able to hear that first sound of the morning.

2. Having to change batteries to “hear again”… and they never die at an opportune moment!

3. Having to fumble and juggle THREE Size 13 batteries to start with!

4. Not being able to hear myself sing in the shower. As memory serves I am pretty darn good at it!

5. Not being able to run out in the rain and splash and play while HEARING.

But ya know? My list of jaw-dropping, heart-warming, deeply perceptive acknowledgments of what I CAN hear is much longer!

Denise Portis

© 2010 Personal Hearing Loss Journal

2 thoughts on “It’s a Shame You Don’t Burn Calories

  1. It must be something in the air… I’ve had a bad week too and found myself having mini pity parties and “belly aching”. But you are right, Facebook is a good reminder to me too of just how well I have it! I’ve often heard that if the world got together and threw all their problems in a pile and got to take another problem, we’d grab ours back quick! I hope you get everything figured out with Chris’ voice!!!

  2. Denise,

    I’m kind of giggling to myself… in sympathy. Hoping you can hear the compassion in my voice, while I’m welcoming you to the “club” or the “family” of having-a-bad-day.

    Good luck with the mapping,


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