“Hearing Again” Woman #1

FOR TODAY… January 8, 2010

Outside my window… There is about an inch of lovely, white snow on the ground. It started last night while DD and I walked a stray dog from house to house to see who he belonged too. Sky is cloudy, but the sun is still peeping through. It’s rather bright out there in spite of things!

I am thinking… The little dog picked up last night by Animal Control. Wish he had tags or some form of I.D. I’m hopeful he has a microchip and they will be able to find his owners.

I am hearing… The clickity click of my keyboard as I type, the ceiling fan whirling above me, and a ringing of tinnitus in my unimplanted ear.

I am thankful for… Well… all the things I hear this morning of course, but also for some happier faces and more joyful hearts in particular members of my family.

I am wearing… black sweatpants, long sleeve red cotton shirt, and my glasses. The latter is very weird for me. I had itchy eyes this morning so have delayed putting my contacts in yet.

A Cochlear Implant… is not very uncommon anymore. At least not in my area. I wonder if it is because of my proximity to John’s Hopkins and The Listening Center? Regardless, people around here are just not at all surprised about seeing a cochlear implant on a person’s head now. I see children, teens, and adults… at least once a week!

I am remembering… homemade cottage cheese that my grandmother made. YUM! I had some for breakfast this morning so it made me think of her. She made this wonderful dry curd cottage cheese from the fresh cow’s milk on her farm. Right before it is served, you add a bit of skimmed heavy cream and salt. Oh my! Nothing better than that, let me tell you!

I am going… no place today, but I am going to training at Fidos For Freedom tomorrow! I can’t wait! Chloe loves going and so do I. I’ll have to rush home and finish homework for this weekend, but that’s OK!

I need to… walk today regardless of the weather. I’m just going to have to bundle up. If I don’t stay active, I’m not going to reach my goal.

A disability is NOT… life ending.

I am currently reading… several things actually. I just finished “Meet Mr. Smith” by Eric & Leslie Ludy. I’m going to pass it on to my son, Chris now. He’s going to love it! I’m also reading “Be Anxious for Nothing” by Joyce Meyer. Before bed, I am reading (again) The Swiss Family Robinson… a childhood favorite.

I am hoping… for more snow, an opportunity to walk, supper ideas, healing for very sick family and friends.

From the kitchen… I’m stumped. I need to go look in the deep freezer and see what my options are for dinner tonight.

Around the house… its very quiet around here. Hubby is at work and both kids are in bed. That’s right… it’s 10:17 AM and they are in bed. SIGH. At 18 and 19 yo though, they are “in charge” of certain things in their life as long as it doesn’t interfere with their responsibilities.

One of my favorite things… Barry Manilow. Yeah, I’m strange I guess. I’ve been singing one of his songs all morning.

My husband… works so hard. I’m glad his important meeting went well yesterday. He has another important meeting next week at the Pentagon. I’m praying for him in advance.

My daughter… is actually ready for school to start on the 21st I think! She was so burnt out this past December, I didn’t think she’d have enough “down time”. She seems excited to start her last semester at AACC.

My son… needs to get organized for school starting 1/21. He’s also way behind in Geometry which he still takes at home this year. He needs to get “his rear in gear”. I have a feeling he is going to be grounded if he doesn’t meet “mom’s deadline”.

My assistance dog… is laying quietly by my side. She didn’t sleep well last night. I think the stray dog here for awhile made her a little anxious. It is tough to bring “something new” into the “pack”. She sure tossed and turned a lot last night!

A picture to share from this week… a photo of the little guy my daughter rescued from the snow in the middle of our cul-de-sac. He was sitting huddled in the snow and shivering. No tags, scared to death and cold. Unfortunately, there were no tags or identification on him. Please folks! Always make sure your dog has a tag, and a microchip is a super back-up.

Denise Portis

© 2010 Hearing Loss Journal

2 thoughts on ““Hearing Again” Woman #1

  1. Denise,

    I love the way you’ve adapted this! It really fits you… and it REALLY doesn’t have to be about homeschooling 😀

    I look forward to reading more…


  2. Hi Denise,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs. I never heard of Hearing Elmo before. I started reading it after my hearing dog trainer, Jolanthe,told me about it. it is amazing about finding out that Chole when she was a puppy, that she helped training her. I also have a hearing loss too, and still do have my hearing dog. God is amazing in many ways. I am glad to know that someone like me have a hearing dog too.

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