Simple Woman #6


For Today…

~Outside my window~

The trees are in bloom, the daffodils are still beautiful, and I see Robins everywhere. It must really be spring in spite of the chilly 58 degrees.
~I am thinking~

That I am very glad I didn’t start another class. My first graduate level class ends today, and I took several weeks break before I start on my 2nd. So many “end of year” things to do including my son’s Spring Formal, Chloe and my graduation from Fidos For Freedom, and then CCA‘s graduation. I need the break…
~From the learning rooms~

I just finished lesson plans so Chris will be so glad to “get back to work” after spring break (rolls eyes). He worked 8 hours today, and 8 hours tomorrow… he’s become very organized about juggling work schedule and school schedule. (3 cheers for Chris).
~I am thankful for~

My husband’s good job(s). I continue to hear about families struggling in this economy, and am so thankful he’s in a stable work environment in education. When you look around and begin praying for other’s needs, it makes you awfully thankful to be paying your bills every month.

I’m also thankful our taxes are done. (Whew) Hubby should be “e-filing” tonight.
~From the kitchen~

I’m fixing lemon chicken and salmon tonight with rice. The men in my family won’t touch salmon. I guess Kyersten and I will “live longer” as even telling them how good baked fish is for you won’t convince the guys to eat it. More for Kyersten and I!
~I am wearing~

Olive-colored sweatsuit. I’m very casual today – grin. Tomorrow I have a lot of errands to run and pictures to take for graduation (at Fidos) and Chloe’s new certification tags. So I have to actually wear MAKE-UP tomorrow! (gasp)
~I am reading~

Almost done with the Shack. There have been some things I don’t completely agree with, but all in all the book makes you think. It’s fiction. When I hear people complain about it I want to remind them of that. I don’t think its irreverent like some folks do. It’s a book… it’s made me think… that’s “all good” in my opinion.
~I am hoping~

I am hoping to take a walk tonight. It’s so nice out, but I may need a jacket still.
~I am creating~

I created my last research paper yesterday. That’s right… spent most of Easter writing a 10 page paper. Sigh. At least I’m done! So now I’m creating… a list of household projects. I can’t wait to get started as soon as Chieftain is done. (My part-time teaching job is out for the summer beginning May 7th).
~I am hearing~

Tinnitus (today it’s a lovely high pitch flute-like sound), and Pegasus (Kyersten’s 2 year old show dog) chewing on a bone. I can hear Mandie (our insane cat), pawing on the pantry door. She’ll do that for hours with his mindless look on her face. Poor nutty thang.

I can hear a lawnmower in the distance. I think it’s the neighbor across the street. That reminds me… I need to get ours out and see if it will start.
~Around the house~

I need to dust. Good grief I could write the Declaration of Independence preamble on the shelves in my office. Yup. It’s that bad. Where is my swiffer?
~One of my favorite things~

One of my all time favorite things is to go to my HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) meeting once a month. Our chapter meeting was on Saturday and we had a MED-EL patient coordinator come to speak to us. It’s so nice to sit in a room full of people where everyone has a connection to hearing loss.
~A few plans for the rest of the week~

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow; need to get a bunch of referrals like our insurance requires for various specialists through the summer. One of them is my 4 year mapping of my cochlear implant at Johns Hopkins! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years!

Also need to go to Home Depot and buy some “weed ‘n feed”, grass seed, chicken wire fencing and posts.
~Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you~

This is Chloe and I in church on Easter. Hubby took the picture. Yeah, I know I’m in a pantsuit on Easter Sunday. It was freezing!


One thought on “Simple Woman #6

  1. I love reading the daybooks :0)

    Our Easter was cold too. I “made” myself wear a skirt to church… not that anyone would mind, but because I so rarely do. But I changed into jeans as soon as we got home! We even had our kids’ Easter Egg Hunt inside.

    Love the red earmold! I guess I hadn’t noticed it before. Tate’s is fluorescent green, with a bright blue BTE aid :0)


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