Simple Woman #5


For Today…

~Outside my window~

It is gorgeous! Cool breeze, 57 degrees, birds singing, ground DRYING UP! Is it finally, really SPRING? I even see 3 Robins in my front yard!

~I am thinking~

What in the world am I going to fix for supper? The kids are both working. Why is that becoming the norm? Why are Terry and I eating more suppers alone? I miss having supper as a family frequently. But I recognize that this is where my life is now… though it’s kind of sad!

~From the learning rooms~

I am “neck deep” in grading papers. Chris worked today so no school for him (and wasn’t he glad of that?) Wait until he gets home and sees his very full lesson plan book. I can hear him “groan” now!

~I am thankful for~

I am so thankful for our church. We have been studying Job, and our pastor is doing a great job. (Funny to see both Job and “job” in the same sentence…) Each week a different person is giving their testimony prior to the sermon. Pam spoke this week, and it was really neat to “get to know her” a bit better through what she shared. I’m very glad we are a part of this church and call this group “our church family”. I found myself drifting off to sleep last night, thanking God for our church.

~From the kitchen~

I went to the grocery store first thing this morning so my shelves are stocked. I plan on having chicken tacos tomorrow night, and chili one night this week. I also have spaghetti on the menu and chicken casserole. I doubt I have any leftovers, although that has more to do with having an 18-year-old son in the house and less to do with what I’m fixing.

~I am wearing~

Black jeans, black turtleneck, and a purple Ravens flannel shirt. Go Ravens! (Actually I like the Redskins, but I LOVE purple… hence the Ravens).

~I am reading~

I finally bought a copy of “The Shack” in spite of the controversy surrounding it. I’ll read it and let you know what I think. I can’t stand being “told” what to think as a Christian about a fiction book! I’m only on page 3, so not much to tell yet – grin!

~I am hoping~

I am hoping I finish this class with an “A”. It’s been harder than I thought to get organized and stay that way. But I do feel a sense of accomplishment. I am also hoping that I will have enough students to teach 3 classes this Fall. So far I only have two lined up.

~I am creating~

I am creating a research paper. I’m sure you’d oooo, and ahhh over it if you could see it. The sources go together just right, and it took some necessary writing skills to develop the thesis statement. The APA formatting is TO DIE FOR! Yes, I’ve not much time to “create” anything other than necessary “evils” right now. Bite me.

~I am hearing~

I am hearing very little. Both “big” dogs are asleep at my feet, the kids are at work and there is little noise other than what I am making. ‘Course when you were once completely deaf, “hearing” the click of the keyboard as I type is pretty COOL BEANS to be hearing! (I all of a sudden have a huge smile on my face!)

~Around the house~

I need to clean the upstairs bathroom, but it won’t take long. The house is looking pretty decent, thanks to my son vacuuming this morning, and my daughter loading the dishwasher.

~One of my favorite things~

My daffodils are here! I just love daffodils! Mine are mostly yellow, although I have a few white ones with yellow centers. What’s not to love about a daffodil? Sigh. I love daffodils!

~A few plans for the rest of the week~

I need to finish grading presentations, finish my paper, meet with my team on Tuesday night for class, and then teach on Thursday. At some point, I need to trim my service dog’s nails.

~Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you~


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