Simple Woman #3


For Today…

~Outside my window~

It is drizzling rain. This basically means that I’ve been walking like a drunk person all day. Oh joy. At least I’ve learned to be careful, so that’s somethin’!

~I am thinking~

About how I’m going to squeeze MY homework in with my regular work tomorrow. I have to get my lesson plans done. I’m making lists, and filling in my daytimer. (LOVE IT! I’m a list person)

~From the learning rooms~

My kids were very independent today… and I didn’t even threaten their lives. For some reason, that makes me a little sad.

~I am thankful for~

I am thankful for a large screen monitor. At the time, I told my husband he was being silly to get such a large screen. Now I love it, and I don’t think I get those headaches like I use too.

~From the kitchen~

I have been a bum today. My daughter worked and my son got home right as supper was “suppose to get ready”. I begged my hubby to go get some chicken. It’s 9:30 PM and I just got done with work, so don’t you know how much I appreciate that he did that?

~I am wearing~

Blue jeans, black turtleneck and a purple Ravens pull over. I love purple. Do you love purple? I just love purple… it’s my favorite color. I see purple, and honestly? I just smile when I do! I love purple. (Umm… I must be tired)

~I am reading~

Still reading The Mysterious Island by Verne. I just love that story. I want to be shipwrecked on an island like Lincoln Island. ‘Course, ya know, later it blows up because of the active volcano and everything. I guess I want to be shipwrecked on an island like Lincoln Island minus the volcano.

But then there wouldn’t be any “chimneys”, or Granite House, or Longview Plateau. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just vacation there.

~I am hoping~

I am hoping that my daughter left me hot water. I have my cochlear implant on, and she got home just now and went straight to the shower. The little booger takes 30 minute showers. Rats.

~I am creating~

I am creating a new blog post. Does that count? I just don’t have “sit around” time really anymore. I love to crochet. I wonder when I can do that again?

~I am hearing~

I am hearing my computer tower hummmm, and the tickety-tick, tickety tick-tick, tickety-tick of the ceiling fan. I love hearing weird things.

~Around the house~

I need to go clean the kitchen. I’ve designated one “clean” room per day. Monday is the kitchen. I can’t go to bed unless I clean it. I better get started, huh? Maybe by the time I’m done – THERE WILL BE HOT WATER! She came and hugged my neck hello… can’t very well be put out with her.

~One of my favorite things~

besides hot water? One of my favorite things is baked macaroni and cheese. I was thinking about that at supper tonight, eating the KFC my darling hubby brought home. He always gets a little thing of mac & cheese for Chris (my 18 year old son). He loves the stuff, but frankly I practically gag to look at it! I was sitting there (gagging) and looking at him chow down and thinkin’, I haven’t made baked mac & cheese in awhile. My friend Patti gave me a killer recipie for it. I need to see if I can find it!

~A few plans for the rest of the week~

I have to meet with my team for school tomorrow night. We aren’t doing that great. I suppose you could say we need to work on teamwork. I also need to email a “new friend” back at church. She’s been asking me about sign classes. I ran into her at Wal-mart today and I didn’t have any make-up on. I could have sunk through the floor… until she assured me she didn’t either.

~Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you~


Make your mouth water? Mine is!

Denise Portis

2 thoughts on “Simple Woman #3

  1. Yeay, Denise,

    I love reading these Simple Woman posts.

    And I share your appreciation for large screens. My husband is an architect (and does his drafting on the computer). He always needs a big screen, and I get his “hand me downs”… sweet :0)


  2. Yum! The baked Mac n Cheese looks yummy!! If you find the receipe, will you send it my way?
    🙂 ..while I don’t really “cook”… I can “follow directions”!! grin!

    Love all of your posts!


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