College for a Day!


Chloe had a great time visiting a college last week.  She doesn’t mind car trips, and was pretty good in the motel as well!  (She loves elevators!)

Once on campus, I fought to keep her calm. Chloe’s weaknesses are MEN and “Teens”.  What is a college campus full of?  College guys, who all thought she was rather lovely too.  Oh my!  After a few corrections, she finally realized “Gee.  Denise means business!”  She loved the arena area (above),

because she was able to watch all the action from up high.  She had the best

seat in the house.  She totally ignores all the double-takes.

I’m so glad our church has a live band every Sunday.  The band, lights,

NOISE in the arena were not worth getting excited about, and she is

totally accustomed to my signing the songs.  Later during a meeting a

“boy group” of 3 young men came in to sing to the parents/visitors.

They came and crooned literally within a yard of her.  She slept

right through it.  I’m so glad this type of atmosphere is normal

for her!

Chloe was mildly amused when an admissions counselor asked

me if I was planning on transferring to the university.

I was not so amused.  (My husband and daughter were snickering,


Ah college… being there almost made me “miss it”!

Denise Portis

© 2009 Hearing Loss Journal

One thought on “College for a Day!

  1. way to go, Chloe girl! You rock! (Is that a passe phrase now?) And ya look so queenly in your private box, watching all the goings on.
    And hey Denise, you look young enough to transfer–just think, the three Portis girls doing college together. Now wouldn’t that be fun? And Chloe would keep the frat boys in line for ya…
    Hope you all had a good trip this time. Love from me and Brown…

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