Harpers Ferry Sees a lot of US

Denise and Chloe at Jefferson Rock in Harpers Ferry State Park, October 2008

We go to Harpers Ferry a great deal.  For one thing it is within “spittin’ distance” of our home.  Secondly, the view and park is simply breath-taking.  No matter what time of year we go, it’s beautiful.  I keep telling Terry that when we retire one day, I want to live in the historic section of Harpers Ferry.  (I think he thinks I’m teasing!)

Going to Harpers Ferry is much more fun than it use to be.  For one thing, I love hearing the trains thanks to the miracle of “hearing again“.  For another, I don’t have near the number of falling or stumbling accidents that I use too “pre – Chloe”.  Having a hearing assistance dog who also helps with a great number of balance related tasks makes me much more independent.  There is one flight of stone steps that I literally CRAWLED up prior to having her counter-balance on the left!  I “see more” of Harpers Ferry than I use too!  Grin!

Denise Portis

© 2008 Hearing Loss Journal

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