A Night in the Life of Our Family

Kyersten is a guest writer on Hearing Elmo and does a fantastic job (in THIS mom’s opinion) of relating what it is like being a CODA (child of deaf adult) or as she prefers it: KODA (Kid of deaf adult).  I think it’s important that readers “hear” the OTHER opinions and thoughts about how deafness affects a family.  Sometimes those thoughts are sad.  Sometimes those thoughts are angry.  And sometimes?  Sometimes it’s just really funny…

It was very impressive.

We watched as mom sailed over the gate. She flew gracefully in the air and landed rather ungracefully on the ground.

It’s not the fall that hurts, it’s the landing.

There was silence.

This is what she looked like:

Chloe, half asleep, sat up on the couch and peered down at Mom. This is what Chloe looked like:

(… well what she’d look like if she were a cat)

Mom said “ow”.

Chris stifled a laugh, quickly changing his face to the look of a concerned son.

I expressed casual worry, “You okay, Mom?”

Dad asked what happened, unfortunately having missed the dramatic gliding over the gate.

While worried about her, we were starting to get used to her lying on the floor, embarrassed and dazed.

Dad went to help her up. They looked for serious injuries. He helped her back to the couch.

And so we resumed our evening.

Kyersten is eighteen years old and lives with her dad, late-deafened mom, and 6’3″ “baby” brother in Maryland.  To leave out mention of the menagerie of animals living there as well would be… wise – as she wanted this short.

Denise Portis

© 2008 Hearing Loss Journal

5 thoughts on “A Night in the Life of Our Family

  1. Weren’t the pictures good choices for this “oops”? I’m doing fine… I just need to learn that I can’t jump over low gates meant to keep the dogs from going upstairs anymore! Grin!

  2. Oh, is it awful to admit that I laughed a little? Not in a mean way :0)

    Honestly, if it makes you feel any better… when my three boys were smaller we gated off the kitchen, for peace of mind (and a sanity break) when I was cooking. I can tell you that at least 3 or 4 times I forgot the gate was there, walked full-tilt into it, and my momentum sent me sprawling into my living room.

    I can just see the three boys looking at me, surprised, and not sure whether to be worried… “Good show mom! Did you mean to do that? Do it again!”


  3. BIG GRIN. Don’t you know boys would think we did that on purpose? Actually my son was more concerned about the plate of blueberry muffins I’d brought down with me! He he.

  4. To face any adversity, humor is the greatest asset to have. Well done.

    I laugh at myself over my “bang-up” jobs from time to time, too.

    Glad it wasn’t too serious.

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