If You Want Me To

Since I recently posted about getting my daughter, Kyersten, ready for college… I wanted to follow-up with a very special post.

Kyersten is an incredible young lady.  I realize I’m “her mom”, but those who know her can tell you that she is very special.  I really look forward to the coming years to see how she continues to grow and mature!

Kyersten has always loved sign language, and grew up as a wonderful CODA (children of deaf adults).  She was a big help to me prior to my cochlear implantation, and has been an interpreter in our church and served in deaf ministries for a number of years.  She has taken 5 levels of sign language, and frankly I can’t teach her much more than I have.  Like me, she recognizes and respects the differences between those who cannot hear and use sign, and those who chose to be oral like myself.  (I know sign and even teach it.  I don’t use it in my everyday life, however, as everyone I know has normal hearing).

She has had a tough week.  A great number of emotional things have happened, and she’s learned some very hard lessons about people.  I wanted to share a video she had taped this week.  The song is by Ginny Owens, and I’ve captioned it for those of you who do not hear well.  Enjoy!

Denise Portis

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