A Number of “Firsts”

Kyersten (my 18-year-old daughter) and I went to Florida last week to stay with my parents.  It was a “senior” trip of sorts.  We didn’t really DO anything, but both of us needed a week of “not doing anything”.  Mom and Dad had company the week before we came, so I think they were perfectly fine with Kyersten and I coming to read, walk, “hang-out” and practice laziness.

Chloe didn’t do well on the plane trip there.  She has flown a great number of times with trainers, but this was only the third time with me.  We only travel by plane about 2 times a year now.  That’s infrequent enough that she is still nervous.  At least on the plane ride home, she did better thanks to some homeopathic, herbal help from Rescue Remedy.

Chloe is trained to do a “stand/stay” while being searched for security purposes.  We even practiced this at Fidos For Freedom the Saturday before we left for our trip.  Chloe has so much metal on her due to 6 tags, collar, vest, etc., that she always sets the security bells and whistles off.  (I find it amusing that my cochlear implant, hearing aid, etc., all allow me through without problem!)  The security lady asked me prior to searching Chloe… “Does she bite?”  I assured her with a grin that “she doesn’t bite, but she may KISS you!”.

Wouldn’t you know that Chloe would go all a-wiggle with the search, kissing the agent to the point that it plopped her on her behind?  She was laughing so hard she could hardly “search” Chloe correctly.  The laughter only made Chloe more excited.  Chloe can be SO professional when needed!  (eye roll)

We had a series of “firsts” that I thought I’d post through picture/caption.  They may not have been complete “firsts” for her as Chloe was raised by a puppy raiser, and then trained in a couple different trainer’s homes.  But they were FIRSTS for “us”.

FIRST!  Florida heat and humidity!

FIRST!  Florida sunset!

FIRST!  Florida thunderstorm! (And I could “hear” it! Was I thrilled or what?)

FIRST!  Learning hardwood floors are cooler!

FIRST!  Indoor pond in a “birdcage”

FIRST!  Pond goldfish IN the indoor pond!

FIRST!  Porch swing… and Grandma’s Cockapoo, Simba!

FIRST!  Sandhill Cranes!  Kyersten told me they sounded like “Velocoraptors” from Jurassic Park.  They certainly weren’t scared of Chloe.  They were aggressive!

FIRST!  Olympic size swimming pool

FIRST!  Helping Denise up WIDE, steps with open rails on each side!

FIRST!  Watching Denise’s “puppy” do weird things with something called a “noodle”!

FIRST!  Riding a golf cart!

FIRST!  Walk with Denise in Florida’s heat.  (Never did see any alligators in the ponds!)

Denise Portis

©2008 Hearing Loss Diary

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