Waiting for the Woof

People who love dogs often get along great.  Folks who have an interest in dog-training, often find that they, too, can easily become friends.  Those who are in training or waiting for a service dog, have a unique bond of shared experiences, dreams, and a new-found independence.

I am very blessed to live close to Fidos For Freedom, Inc., in Laurel, Maryland.  It is not only where I received my own working dog, Chloe, but I have made many friends of the clients and “fidos” there.  We continue to train and “hone our skills”.  It’s even better that I call my trainer… FRIEND.

The internet is a wonderful thing.  Not only can you research and “learn”, but it also levels the “playing field” for many with disabilities.  I know deaf people, blind people, and folks with mobility challenges who use the internet and “connect”.

I read a lot of different types of blogs.  Obviously, I have an interest in service dogs and matches between canine/people partners.  I met Elizabeth online through our blogs.  She has a great blog called “Waiting for the Woof“.  She is waiting to be matched with a dog through PAALS

She writes about the “wait”, and also posts a great deal of information and “news” about service dogs.  I have actually learned a thing or two (or three) from reading her blog.  We’ve also connected “off blog” through email and I’m very excited about her upcoming match with a working dog of her own!

PAALS differs from Fidos For Freedom, in that the client is responsible for seeking donations and funds towards the expense of their Fido… or in this case “Woof”!  I wanted to help Elizabeth get the word out about her fund-raising campaign towards getting her own service dog.  Her goal is $7000.  Some people think, “I can only give $25 or so… how can that help?”  However, every donation adds up… so even the “small amounts” count!

I’d love for you to take a look at her website and read her story.  She’s a wonderful lady and I know her story will touch you!  If you can help with even a small donation, I know Elizabeth would appreciate it!  I’ve seen what a mobility service animal can do for their partner.  Until you see it first hand, it’s difficult to understand the freedom and independence they grant to their partner.

After reading more about Elizabeth, if you’d like to donate it is actually very easy to do so.  Simply go to this link (click here).  At the site, click on the “Donate” button under the heading of “General Donations are Greatly Appreciated.” When you are taken to the PayPal page, you can then choose to donate via credit card or directly via PayPal. There is a space to indicate special instructions – this is where you can put the name of the person for whom you are donating. (Elizabeth Riggs)

Let’s help Elizabeth reach her goal!  I’d love for her blog to direct us to a new link… “Living with the Woof”!


One thought on “Waiting for the Woof

  1. Thanks so much for the pingback! You are a most gracious lady! I’m waiting for a bunch of fliers, and then I’m off to see abot doing a presentation to my small town’s city council! I may not have my “Woof” yet, but They are going to know how much that “Woof” will help me. It’s not as easy as it would be if I were a cute little kid. I’m a fat older woman, so that means I have to work harder! And, yes, there WILL be a blog called “Living with the Woof” when we finally get together!!

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