Spring Break with an Assistance Dog


This Spring Break was much different than last year’s. For one thing Terry was off the whole week too, as he is now in “education”. It was great having him off at the same time we were! This year, I had Chloe with me too. It’s hard to believe that we will be together for a year April the 11th!

Walking around Gettysburg, felt great as I was so independent from the help (and worry) of my family! You’ll note that I am walking ALONE, and my husband was able to just enjoy himself. It’s Chloe’s job to “hear” for me now, and to assist me up and down “curbs”, etc. Even my daughter, Kyersten, (who would have probably NEVER have left home one day had I not proved I can be independent with Chloe…) was able to run ahead and check out dark allies. (That’s a different story that I’ll save for another time. Pics are on my facebook though!)

gettysburg-march-26-2008-017.jpgChloe is a “smart dog” and takes naps when she is able too. She rests so quietly under tables, she often scare waiters and other guests when we get up to leave. She really needed a nap, as she was certainly into our walks. I think she likes Civil War history…

gettysburg-march-26-2008-038.jpgTowards the end of the day we ended up at Gettysburg outlet shops. She was practically asleep on her feet, but it’s difficult to get her to lay down when I’m sitting and she knows I’m having a wobbly day. It’s hard to convince her that I didn’t need her to lean on me! I hated having to put her in a firm “down/stay” just so she’d rest. (But I succeeded as she is a very obedient dog!) gettysburg-march-26-2008-043.jpg

She and I both went to sleep pretty quickly after our trip!

Denise Portis
©2008 Hearing Loss Diary

One thought on “Spring Break with an Assistance Dog

  1. Hi Denise!
    Great to see you having such a good time!

    I’ll have to have my kids take pictures of “Woof” and me when we go wandering through “little ol’ Larryville” when he comes to live with me! And I think I’ll “advertise” any places that reject me because of “Woof.”


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