Loving Someone with Hearing Loss


This past Valentines Day, my husband gave me a very special valentine’s gift. A clear umbrella! (I know, I know! You’re thinking either she is entirely to easy to please – which I’m not, or HE REALLY BLEW IT!)

The truth of the matter is that I saw I clear umbrella on a commercial a month or so before, and stated… “Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear umbrella? I would still be able to see your face when I’m walking in the rain and would be able to continue talking!”

My husband tends to “make mental sticky notes” when I say something like that. I’m allergic to cut flowers, and am usually “on a diet”, so he knows better than to get me flowers and/or chocolate. The poor man has had to be extremely creative to say the least! I think this year’s gift is the best yet.

I can walk in the rain now and still talk to someone… or even just be able to protect my CI and hearing aid better as I can hold the umbrella lower over my head!

It reminded me of the Mother’s Day two years ago… my children pitched in together and bought me a “Vivid Acoustics” clipboard. clipboard1.jpg I use it several times a week and it is one of my favorite assistive listening devices. It goes to show (in my opinion) that my kids and husband love and appreciate who I am. They don’t lament the fact that I’m deaf, and they rarely (if ever) act exasperated at my missing things occasionally. Instead, they love to surprise me with things I can use… things that help me… things that just MAKE SENSE. I love them for that.

Denise Portis
©2008 Hearing Loss Diary

3 thoughts on “Loving Someone with Hearing Loss

  1. Yes, way to go, Terry; you make good “mental sticky notes!”

    Denise, I’m about to get new hearing aids, again, and hadn’t thought about the importance of having an umbrella to protect them! Very good point!


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