It All Starts With a Sponsor

I recently received some pictures from Chloe’s puppy raiser. Wasn’t she the cutest thing? She barely fit in her vest!

Now she is a 3 year old, “red vested” and fully certified assistance dog through Fidos for Freedom!

I can’t believe how time has flown as we are now in our seventh month after “match”.

I don’t forget the fact that all this started with Chloe’s sponsor(s). Her sponsor is listed as “anonymous” on Fido’s website, and she was donated by the Animal Welfare Action Group.

If it weren’t for the sponsors, there would be no assistance and service dog program at Fidos For Freedom. If not for Chloe’s sponsor, I would not have the well-trained and indispensable partner and friend that I have!

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly thoughtful, or even thankful (like this week of Thanksgiving), I find myself wondering if Chloe’s sponsor knows the part she has played in my life… and the life of my canine partner? I am very blessed to have actually MET my sponsor. I wish I could take her hands, look into her eyes, and somehow explain what it means to me in that she sponsored Chloe. The reality? I would cry the entire time. It’s far to much of an emotional thing for me.

If not for the love and commitment… the “giving back” of someone who believes in what a dog can do for a person with disabilities, I would not have Chloe. I wonder? Did she get to meet Chloe prior to agreeing to sponsor? Did she only see a photo, and donation receipts from the rescue group? What did she see in this little floppy-eared, mischievous pup that made her believe she would be such a help and blessing to someone like me one day? (I know for a fact that Chloe was often mischievous… those who knew her “when” assure me of this fact!)

How often did she get to see Chloe while she was growing up? I wonder if she was surprised at how big Chloe became… I know the trainers had not anticipated her to be the size she is. Her “guessed at” mix breed has changed several times over the years.

One thing I am sure of… I am very thankful for Chloe’s sponsor. The training all began with that first check… that first dollar towards training a very special dog. Chloe!

Denise Portis
©2007 Hearing Loss Diary

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