Bobble Head

Have you ever looked at something before, and no matter what kind of mood you are in you JUST HAVE TO SMILE?

At the 9th Annual Stroll ‘n Roll for Fidos For Freedom in Laurel, MD, (October 20th), I purchased a “bobble head” dog that looks similar to Chloe. It’s probably actually called something different, but it is what I call it! This bobble head always makes me smile… even when I’m having a really bad day. I can step out in my van, secure Chloe in her seat… adjust the doggie mirror under the rear view mirror so I can see Chloe well… and then I look down and there is my bobble head. I can’t help but grin ear to ear! It’s contagious too. I’ll start grinning, and Chloe? Well heck, she’s always happy! But if I’m with my kids… running an errand… this very strange transformation takes place at every stop light. The driver (me) is also umm… “bobbing”. My teenage son has started “bobbing” too. My teenage daughter has started… well actually she is usually hiding under the seat at this point.

I think it’s important to have things in our life that “just make us smile”. Like taking that walk after the first real freeze, and all the leaves are turning every color of an autumn’s paintbrush. You can’t help but smile… at least in your heart. Or that first daffodil you spy when walking as spring comes sneaking in after winter? Doesn’t that make you smile?

How about a Sponge-Bob Square Pants cartoon? Come on! You have to admit seeing a square sponge with the “suds” (aka … a cold) puts a smile on anyone’s face!

How about the Coca-Cola Christmas commercials with their popular Polar Bears? That will put a smile on the face of the biggest scrooge around!

Isn’t God a very special kind of Heavenly Father to care enough to put things in our path, or bring things to our attention that will bring a smile to our face? I think He cares.

Every morning, Chloe bumps me awake and tugs on my covers when my alarm goes off. I struggle to the coffee maker like a zombie. I trudge back to the bedroom to get my shoes on to take her out… all the while trying to calm her down, and “Yes, Chloe I know it’s morning and GOOD MORNING to you too!” (Did I already say that Chloe is ALWAYS happy?) I put my CI together, slip it behind my ear, and connect the magnet into place with a “pop”! Instantly… I hear.

A smile immediately follows.

Denise Portis
©2007 Hearing Loss Diary

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