Stroll ‘n Roll for Fidos For Freedom

This past Saturday, my family and I participated in the 9th annual Stroll ‘n Roll for Fidos For Freedom. Chloe, my hearing assistance dog, graduated from Fidos and she and I are in ongoing follow-up training several times a month.

Kyersten, my 17 year old, is also involved in their therapy dog program with her Chinese Crested, Pegasus. She also assists in trainings with the service dogs and assistance dogs.

Fidos has come to play an important role in the life of our family. Chloe not only hears for me, but provides balance assistance as well. She alerts to the doorbell, door knock, my name being called, my cell phone, my alarm clock, the kitchen timer (which is used to alert me that classes are almost over so that I can address last minute questions from my students, cooking, the clothes dryer, etc.) She also “braces” when I need to stand up from a seated position on the floor, and picks up dropped items like keys, pens, pencils, even books and cell phones!

We have been actively involved in Fidos since April of 2006. I have learned a great deal not only about dogs, but about other disability groups and needs as well. We had a great time!

Fidos has many wonderful programs where people of all ages can be involved. They and their volunteers are actively involved in their local community… making a difference! Check them out at : Fidos For Freedom, Inc.

Denise Portis

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