3 Reasons for Teaching

My kids bought me this plaque last year. Kinda cute, idn’t it?

However, I was praying for my classes this morning (prior to sitting down and grading their papers – good time to pray for them, yes?) and I got to thinkin’ on what are the top 3 reasons I teach. I’ve narrowed it down, but it was hard!

#1 Love for the Deaf
If I didn’t love the Deaf, I’d have no interest in being the best ASL teacher
God has equipped me to be!

#2 Love for Students
A student gave me a copy of a poem she was writing this week. It was beautifully written, and yet I could see many heartaches in between the lines. Things like this make it very easy to pray for my students – they are people too with real needs and concerns.

#3 Love to be Used
Being a person with a disability… in which no amount of bionics will completely “make new”, there is nothing quite like knowing you can still be used by God.

Denise Portis
©2006 Hearing Loss Diary

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