hear2careA response to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster In times of disaster and emergency as we have seen in the after math of Hurricane Katrina, a person’s ability to communicate with those around them takes on even greater importance. For thousands of hard of hearing people in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, their struggle to survive in the midst of this disaster is complicated by the fact that they may not be able to adequately communicate with relief workers, emergency personnel or other civilian authorities.They find themselves in a confusing and frustrating sea of noise and chaos.Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) is responding to this need by establishing the hear2care project. Coordinating with SHHH members who are volunteering, corporate partners, and hearing health professionals, SHHH will first focus on those refugees who are being helped in Texas.Our focus will be on helping people who rely on hearing aids or cochlear implants for their communication needs, or who need some type of hearing assistance technology. Our purpose is to providebatteries to those who have hearing aids and cochlear implants, to effect emergency hearing aid repair, and to provide personal hearingassistive devices to those who have a significant hearing loss, but who do not have a hearing aid.To volunteer write hear2care@… or call 301-657-2248.Click to Donate to hear2care nowhttp://hearingloss.org/hear2care/index.html

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