May 19, 2005

May 19th

I’ve been trying different programs today. P1 is ADRO, P2 is Auto and is louder, P3 is ADRO and is louder still, P4 is Auto and is the loudest. When using P4, the buzz tends to come back for some voices, especially those of my children.

My son laughs a lot and I noticed that when he laughs I get a buzz-or robotic sound. If he talks with a regular meter, volume and tone, I hear him very well. If he deviates from that at all, he begins to sound like a robot with a buzz again. I’ll have to discuss this with Jennifer tomorrow.

Sara emailed me from Dr. Niparko’s office. She discussed my air pocket with him, and he said that the Claritin D was the right course. He also asked her to tell me to use my fingers and gently see if I could push the air “out” of the air pocket. I had already done this, and I felt a pop in my left ear as some of the air came out. I reported this to Sara, and she said that was great. They are hypothesizing that there is a hole in my Eustachian tube and that it will repair itself if I can keep from sneezing and sniffing, blowing my nose, etc. Allergies! Hence, the need for the Claritin D. She said he may want to see me tomorrow too. However, having said all of that… this morning the air pocket was gone! So I believe the Claritin D is already making a difference since I am sniffing and sneezing less.

I heard something jingling in the car today – like little bells. I couldn’t make out what it was, but finally realized it was the sound of my car keys jingling together when I went over a bump, accelerated, or braked the car. I am amazed at some of the little sounds that I am hearing so well.

I am learning what everyone in my family sounds like, but I’m still watching faces a great deal. I wonder how much I’m hearing, or if I’m ‘reading’?

I’m anxious to discuss the continued slight buzz in voices with Jennifer tomorrow. I won’t see her again for a month!

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