Batteries died!


May 18

Well my batteries finally ran out late last night while we were watching American Idol. I still don’t hear the singers very well, but of course after my batteries died I didn’t hear anything. I had to run get my instruction book about how to change them. I didn’t hear any “beeps” though, but maybe it’s because there was a lot of music (noise) coming from the television? Anyway, I guess 5 days is good for batteries. They were fairly easy to change.

Back to American Idol – I had to ask the family, “Did they do well?” Or, “Are they singing well?” I asked these types of questions throughout the 3 finalist’s songs. Some of the songs I knew from memory and could follow along with the closed captioning. I’ve learned through talking with CI users, that music takes awhile. So I’ll be patient. I need to search for some music with only one instrument – that may help. As a matter of fact, one of the finalists last night sang without any accompaniment, and I felt like I was “hearing” him better.

Nothing really new today, however some new sounds included the “beeps” on the microwave as I typed in the time, and I also heard my dog’s tags jingle when he shook himself. My kids are really amazed as well, at some of the quieter things I am hearing!

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