May 16, 2005

May 16

This morning at breakfast, I reached up to feel my scar. It has almost completely healed. I was a little bit worried about the implant site, however. It felt “squishy” instead of hard like it was prior to hookup. I think there must be some swelling. I looked in the mirror, and you cannot tell there is any swelling by looking. But if I press gently, my left ear also does a little “pop”. So there must be some slight swelling at the site. I suppose that is normal when your head is first becoming accustomed to the coil being attached all day. I emailed Dr. Yeagle this morning to tell her. I see her tomorrow, but I didn’t think it would hurt to just let her know via email while I was thinking of it.

Everything sounds “tin-like” still even in the other programs. But if I concentrate, I can still make out what is said. If one of my family members giggle or something WHILE talking, I have a lot of trouble making out what they are saying without watching them.

The lawn mower sounded like – well a lawn mower today. I wondered what it would be like! Chris was so glad to demonstrate for me and mow the front yard. NOT.

The sound of water is a little painful actually. Isn’t that strange? Like if I’m standing next to the washing machine, it actually hurts to hear it filling with water. I noticed that when the garbage disposal is running, it’s really loud and painful at the very beginning, but then the processor goes into some sort of “mute”, and lightens the sound? It’s hard to describe. Then when I turn the disposal off – it makes sort of an adjustment and goes back to where it was. I need to ask Jennifer about this. I was really surprised by this and tested it a couple of times.

Denise Portis

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