New Programs

May 15, 2005

May 15

Today I tried P2 and P3 of my programs. They did indeed make things a little bit louder, but it also made voices quite a bit more “tin-like”. I don’t seem to have very much trouble making out what is said and understanding, but there is a “tin” quality to everyone’s voice. I seem to be able to understand which voice belongs to whom it my immediate family.

Church this morning was a little overwhelming. I could hear so much noise, but not really identify what those noises were. When people moved around in their seats, dropped their books, or flipped through their Bibles, the noise was almost unbearable. I did seem to hear the preacher ok today. We had a guest speaker in the pulpit who’s voice is much louder than our pastor’s. I could also tell that the worship team had different voices. I could tell there was a soprano, alto, etc., but was not able to identify which voice belonged to which person. I was also able to tell that the 3 guitars in the praise band were playing different parts. The melody and harmony in songs are still not coming through to me correctly, however. For example, one of the songs we sang this morning was one I knew very well from many years ago. I would not have been able to listen to the music alone and deduce that it was “The Love of God”. Thank goodness our church puts the words to the song on the wall!

I wanted to try my t-coil in church this morning, and brought my neck loop so that I would be able to do just that. However, when I reached up to switch it over, I turned it off, and was left scrambling to turn it back on! I need to practice this at home so that I can switch to t-coil without having to take the processor off of my head.

I took a nap today. I rarely do that. I must be extra tired, and I understand now why people say, “listening takes so much work”. After my nap, I worked on lesson plans. About 20 minutes later, I had to turn my processor off. All the noises in the house were very bothersome. Hearing so much, makes me want to get up and go searching for what is causing the noise. I didn’t have time for that! It took me a minute or two to get use to the quiet again.

Denise Portis
©2006 Hearing Loss Diary

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