May 14

I went to Walmart this morning alone. I wanted it that way. I tried
listening to the car radio and snapped it off so quickly I almost
wrecked. No, no no, I’m not ready for that!

I only needed a few things at Walmart and was there a full hour. Sound is
so dang distracting! Especially if you don’t know what it is! I was
scared spitless in the lawn and garden department. A “front loader”
thingie majiger was carrying topsoil and turned to back up. This
reeeeeally loud BING, BING, BING came from it. It was hard to react when
you’re standin’ there with no spit. The driver looked at me a trifle
aggravated as I just stood there in the way. My eyes finally told my
behind to move. My ear certainly wasn’t tellin’ me too!

In the checkout line a 10 year old boy was in the line to the left of me.
(my CI side) He opened a bottle of coke (it was dr. pepper, but
everythings coke if you’re from the south) and I heard it open. It
sounded a little bit like my coffee maker this morning.
spisssssssshhhhhh That’s kinda it. My jaw – you know the one that’s been
hangin’ open for over 24 hours now? Well it hit the floor again. He
looked at me strange with a look like, “Get your own lady!”

Back at home now tryin’ to stay chilled out. My house is so noisy.

©2006 Hearing Loss Diary

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