Accepting and Embracing

I think that I do a good job of “accepting” my hear loss, but I don’t know that I “embrace” it. Embracing a change like hearing loss in my opinion, would indicate that it was a wanted loss. I do not want hearing loss.However, having said that I do believe that I can honestly say I wouldn’t change the past. All the growth that I have seen happen in my life, all of the “small” things I have learned to appreciate, all the wonderful people I have met that have contributed to my growth I embrace without hesitation. If I could choose to undo my hearing loss and be a normal hearing person I would not do so. I suppose this in part due to the fact that I have worked very hard to accept my hearing loss, and that exercise of faith, will, perseverance and determination have made me a person I like! Grin! Before having a “trial” in my life, I was a pretty wimpy individual. Growing pains hurt, but they do GROW you.That does not mean that there are still “bad” days. I still cry myself to sleep on occasion. There are still days that I allow someone to hurt my feelings. There are “bad” days.I am very thankful for a supportive spouse and family. Without trying to sound ridiculous – they are the wind beneath my wings! And you know what? My hearing loss has had a positive effect on each of their lives too! They are stronger, more compassionate, more AWARE of the things that are really important. So see? I couldn’t trade that either! If my hearing loss has made them the very special people THEY are, well – I can accept my hearing loss. Gosh. At this point in answering your question I’ve had a “lightbulb” moment! An epiphany! I can embrace my hearing loss.Denise P.Frederick, MDBi-lateral severe-profound lossCI surgery date: 4/6/05

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