End of Year, 2004

This time of year gets me to thinkin’ about 2004. Please don’t get me wrong, I know what Christmas is really all about, and my family and I celebrate it and enjoy Christmas. But as it also occurs at the end of the year, I am usually already “reflecting” at this point. 2004 has been a difficult year for me, but life’s greatest “surprises and blessings” normally occur side by side of trials. As far as my hearing goes, it worsened as much in one year as it had in the past 10 years. (Or so my family and audiologist tell me…)

Ever feel like you’ve adjusted only to have to ADJUST again? “Ok… I can live with where I’m at…. I’ve learned to be pro-active and not re-active… I am coping well…”

Then even YOU notice things aren’t as clear with your hearing as it was months ago? Sigh. But you know? Inevitably, “blessings” accompany “hardships”. They are “hand-holders”, and walk side by side in my life. I’ve made new friends, have learned new things. I’m maturing and growing… all very good things! I’ve learned to listen, question… even pester those who’ve already “been here”, and have lived what I am living. Happy holidays to my “bhnews family”, and here’s hoping your life’s reflections are as sweet…

Denise P.
©2006 Hearing Loss Diary

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