Hearing Loss Wrinkles

They tell me that imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery. Recently one of the first graders in my sign language choir started wearing a cell phone adapter in her ear, and had it clipped to her shirt with the wires hanging down around her little neck. Her mother caught my eye and enunciated quietly, “Guess who she looks like!”

I grinned and did by best to not laugh out loud; however, that was very difficult! She was so cute! As I watched her however, I noticed that as she talked to friends she would tuck her hair behind her ear and lean her right (“good”) ear towards her friends as they talked. I was so tickled to see she’d picked THAT up from me as well. As she spoke I noticed her eyes sort of squint and her chin come forward. Due to middle-age vanity, I had noticed some wrinkles in my mirror lately. As I watched her, it HIT me how I was achieving most of mine! Goodness no, I don’t get the clever description of “laughlines”. My lines are “hard of hearing” lines! I think I should coin this phrase! Grin! I really do! So? Does anyone else out there have hearing loss wrinkles?
:-)DeniseFrederick, MD

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