The MRI From Hell


I just recently had the very frustrating experience of further testing. Thank goodness for insurance… how in the world do people get diagnostic tests without it? (Now if we can just get them to pay for hearing aids… but that’s for another post)

Any-whoooo…. the MRI was horrible! I wear a little badge with “Please face me. I read lips!”. Plus, I make sure the people who are working with me, KNOW that it means what it says! (Somehow they think you look so normal, and your speech doesn’t give any clue at this early hour in the morning after a good nights rest) So afterI make sure everyone is clear they begin to explain how I’ll know the scan has started and that I must remain very still. Of course, I “hear”…. “beeps begin, …. very still… breathing”

So I ask if I’m suppose to hold my breath. Very blank stares, and confusion. I ask for clarification. (Oh!She CAN speak a little clearer, but MY! Look at the tension in her shoulders!)

“You will … beeps. …. very still, but you CAN BREATHE” (She makes very sure I “see” this! smile)

I explain that I cannot hear beeps, so I think I will just hold very still the entire time. She again gives me a very blank stare. Now the tension has reached her face. She goes to the door and evidently asks for helps.

Enter…”help”. They discuss something with their backs to me and their arms gesturing wildly. One comes towards me with her palm out and says, “You can’t wear your hearing aid in there” (Well, I knew that! But am determined to find out what is going on before I give it up! Smile. I’ve become very stubborn in my old age of 37!) I explain I won’t hear the beeps; I will lay very still the entire time; can I have a blanket? — I’m freezing! Grin.

So anyway, the tests begin and I figure out the “tube” I’m slid into not only beeps… it “shakes, rattles and rolls” Smile! So I know when the next round of “pictures” are being taken as it starts to click over by my left elbow, or down by right shoulder blade! Wonderful! (Why didn’t they tell me this?) Then I’m slid back out into the bright lights and face a lady with a needle.

Ok. Now my tension level is up! No one told me about a needle! She explains what she is going to do… but does it WHILE swabbing my arm. (When you are getting “prepped”, you watch what is being “prepped”, not the lips of the “prep – er”.)

I ask if she could wait a minute and explain why she’s holding a needle.

“Dyes, more scans, won’t hurt…….. am I allergic to latex?”

So 4 tries later, and 3 collapsed veins (can stress cause this?), I’m slid back into the machine. Evidently I can now glow in the dark. I think I’ll join the “X-Men” Just call me….Glowing, Hear with the Eyes. Sounds kinda like a name from “Dances with Wolves”, not “X-Men”.

Anyway, I digress…. I’m released to the waiting room where my husband awaits with concerned look. Oh NO! The “look”! I dissolve into tears. His compassion for my plight can be too much sometimes! One look at my arms and he asks “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED!?” So compassionate hubby gets… an EAR full! Oh boy! Welcome to the world of diagnostic testing. No acoustic neuroma…. CAT scan next? I think I’ll wait awhile.

Denise Portis
©2006 Hearing Loss Diary

One thought on “The MRI From Hell

  1. I can understand how and MRI is. I have to have one each year. its very frustrating even if you can hear when the doctors Don’t tell you whats going on. But great fully, they usually tell you tidbits. Then give you time to ask question(or at least I do) that has been my experience. Hope its gotten better for you! =)

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